Tuesday, 24 April 2012


We are shown a boy on a skate board. The tracking shot reveals his trainers which have a cannabis leaf on it, we could assume that this is a stereotypical representation of a teenager as his chosen footwear is rebellious in itself  this additionally has a stereotypical view of a skateboarder attached to it a swell . the skate board is shown before the characters whole physique this could suggest  that the skateboard is a defining aspect of his life. As he approaches the hill the character receives a crude text message , that contains the suggestive use of drugs , this could present the  character in a negative light as it is revealed that he uses drugs . We are then shown a reaction close up shot which reveals the character's face for the first time , the Digetic sound shows the character swearing we could attach a rebellious label to him.Because of his choice of words this is emphasised by his decision to voyage down the road in moving traffic . 

Through cross-cutting we are shown the road which depicts  a long- shot of the road through a point of view shot(p.o.v)  and to the close up of his face ;by his expression we can see that he is considering his next move whether to pursue this dangerous route . We then see the boy moving through the p.o.v shot which tells us that he has decided to take the risk. this clichĂ© representation emphasising the fact  that teenagers are young and reckless and risk takers this also shows that  the character is a daredevil . As he treks down the road the soundtrack picks up and heavy rock music begins to play emphasising the rebellion or rebellious nature in addition the editing begins to speed up accentuating his snap decision and emphasises the danger of his decision  in addition you could say that he is presented. In a negative light because he is inconsiderate of others. As he is comfortable causing an accident this is highlighted by the close up shot of his face which matches his smile at the beginning he has conquered the task but does not check the damage that he may have caused . to the target audience he could be presented in a positive light they may not see this representation as generalising but may be realistic they may perceive him as cool, however  to the wider audience he may be seen as careless and immature and may feel that this maybe patronising and the teenager is presented in a negative light .

The Binary opposition is presented between the adult police  man and the teenage skater this emphasizes the rebellious nature of the teenager  as he swerves making sure he hits the policeman the  lack of respect for authority  is highlighted by the compromising position of the ice cream cone . the policeman is portrayed in an atypical way as he is shown as incompetent as he is unaware of dangers around him and is fascinated by the ice cream cone . the lack of respect is shown through the editing as when the policeman was taken off his bike the camera waited for the skater boy leaves the frame then pans slightly to see the fate of the police which suggests that he is not as important  as the teenager  this additionally plants the audience on the teenagers side .

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